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About us 


Brandon and Parker have grown up together in Columbia, South Carolina and have strong family ties to the community.  

While working part time during College, we delivered pieces of furniture in a small pickup truck.  We started out small and our customers appreciated our efficiency and professionalism.  We discovered that people really valued a refreshing and enjoyable moving experience. We care about our clients and their possessions. We only hire and train, bright and well spoken young men. It is our passion for service that sets us apart from everyone else! 

To date we have moved for over a thousand customers and have performed countless moving jobs. 

We are always working to perfect the moving process, maximize efficiency, and and promote peace of mind for our customers.  Our goal is to serve, and we are constantly improving and adapting to exceed our customers wants and needs. 

Check out this article that an expert on senior resources wrote for us:

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